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Disability-friendly living available in Wallan

A new custom-built home for residents with disabilities is almost ready for occupancy in Wallan. Available to NDIS candidates with either Robust or Improved Liveability SDA funding...

Lifting the veil on the viability of developing Specialist Disability Accommodation many other things NDIS-related, the steps in between can be fraught with complexity, for both participant and SDA provider!

A new direction for NDIS participants and disability housing, but will it be right?

The NDIS Review's Final Report has the potential to be a transformative moment in the landscape of disability accommodation in Australia.

Addressing (another) gap in disability accommodation

Insights from the Latest Housing Hub Report

Creating accessible housing requires a multi-faceted approach

The future of accessible housing for Australians with disability is an important and complex issue demanding attention and action from government, private industry and community organisations.

Krystal thrives in leadership role for housing provider with a difference

"...I've seen the housing gaps that are out there. I also have lived experience. This means I understand the issues that impact people with disabilities in the housing market and what they need."

Improving Housing Supply and Affordability in Australia

The Federal Budget 2022-23 said important things about social housing, if you believe that having somewhere secure to live means a place you can call home, rather than someone’s investment.

About us

Our vision is to provide accessible housing options to NDIS participants and other vulnerable Australians.


DEC Housing is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities.


A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with disability, and others facing insecure housing, to live in custom-built accommodation that empowers their lifestyle and independence.

Home designs & funding

Move into a new architect designed home using NDIS funds, shared purchase arrangements, and family contributions.

How we work with you

Our person-centred approach is embedded in all we do – from the way we listen and understand your needs, to the way we work with our partners to make your new lifestyle a reality.

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High quality, tailored housing for people with disability and others seeking secure accommodation.

Privacy policy

DEC Housing is committed to protecting the privacy of an individual’s personal information.

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