Home designs

The combined experience of our partners

Imagine moving into a new architect designed home just six months after securing land. That could be your reality depending on the options you choose.

See   a   house module craned into place   and the   finished   result in this video.

The DEC team comprises people with lived experience, experience within the NDIS, direct experience in supporting people with disability, as well as people with backgrounds in finance and property management.

Complementing our staff’s knowledge, we’ve brought together some of Australia’s most respected home builders and architects specialising in the development of high quality homes for people with disability.

You won’t need to worry whether or not they understand what ‘robust’ or ‘high physical support’ means in the context of your brief.

Along with innovative design, their expertise extends to the use of sustainable materials that are durable, make use of passive energy to reduce power bills, and even bushfire safe for those in fire prone areas.

Robust house

In addition to traditionally constructed houses and units, our building partners also construct modular homes.

Modular homes are:

  • Precision made within a factory, then assembled on site
  • Faster to build
  • Less prone to water damage
  • An economical alternative to traditional builds, with no compromise on quality

For peace of mind, modular homes must meet the same Australian standards as traditionally built homes and have an equal lifespan.

Funding your home

We'll help you explore funding options

NDIS funds, shared purchase arrangements, and family contributions are among the options we’ll explore with you.

We understand that financial circumstances vary from person to person. People with disability will have differing levels of SDA funding within their NDIS plans, or none at all.

Some may be fortunate to have family members who can assist in funding their home; others may be able to share costs with housemates. Whatever the situation, we'll do our best to help find and structure finance so you can realise the home you deserve.

Disabled man and carer enjoying new house

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