Our services

High quality, tailored housing for people with disability

Our person-centred approach is embedded in all we do – from the way we listen and understand your needs, to the way we work with our partners to make your new lifestyle a reality.

For NDIS participants

Building accessible housing for NDIS participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding in their plans

Family co-financing

Working with families to co-finance housing for their loved ones with disability who are ineligible for SDA funding

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Developing innovative and culturally appropriate accessible housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability and those from CALD backgrounds

Alternatives to group homes

Developing alternative housing options to group homes

For people with challenging behaviours

Developing therapeutic community housing solutions for people with challenging behaviours

For younger people

Developing innovative housing options for younger people living in nursing or aged care homes, hospitals or other institutions because they lack a suitable alternative

For people experiencing homelessness

Developing housing solutions for people struggling to navigate the NDIS who may be eligible for funding including homeless people and those living in rooming houses, secure residential or hostel accommodation

Our services

High quality, tailored housing for others seeking secure accommodation

In addition to people with disability, we are actively working to extend our service offering to other groups.

Australia’s acute lack of affordable housing presents a social issue impacting individuals that also restrains local industry from attracting and retaining vital workers.

So in addition to people with disability, we are actively working to extend our service offering to other groups.

In collaboration with Akhil Pasam, Corey Pfeiffer, Jerry Shao, and Johnson Ho of the Deakin University School of Architecture, we’ve designed a flexible village concept to provide a mixed community and secure accommodation for people otherwise priced out of local rental or ownership markets – a critical barrier to sustaining local employment.

Whether you’re an individual seeking an affordable home, or working to achieve an accommodation solution for a local workforce, reach out to us.

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