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DEC Housing is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people with disability, and others facing insecure housing, to live in custom-built accommodation that empowers their lifestyle and independence.

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HPS House

Dignity. Empowerment. Choice.

Dignity, Empowerment and Choice is our commitment as we work with you to build your own energy efficient home reflecting your choices and today’s smart technology. In fact, it’s the DEC in our name, DEC Housing.

Housing that meets your needs

Like anyone, people with disability have the right to secure, accessible and appropriate housing to support the lifestyle they choose. Yet in Australia, most housing options for people with disability fall way short of acceptable standards.

DEC Housing provides accessible housing options to NDIS participants and other vulnerable Australians by engaging each client from the outset in the development of housing that responds to their particular needs.

You lead the way

Our game is not to push you into an existing property. We want to see you in a brand new home, designed around your own ideas, in a location that meets your needs.

Man with disablity gardening in new house

Yours forever

The home we develop together is yours for life. With cutting edge technology to maximise independence, a 7.5 star energy rating to reduce bills and future proofing features so you can age in place.

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