How we work with clients

Our person-centred approach is embedded in all we do

Our person-centred approach is embedded in all we do – from the way we listen and understand your needs, to the way we work with our partners to make your new lifestyle a reality.

Bringing your vision to life

The first step is to understand the features you need in your new home. We consider the type of housing, materials, technology, location and anything else that might be required to meet your goals. Your ideas and input will be clearly identifiable in the initial concept designs for your review. We’ll make refinements together until you’re happy to approve a final plan.

Local planning requirements and locations

We’ll check local planning requirements, start looking for suitable sites in your preferred area, and obtain local council reports to identify any limitations or restrictions that may be relevant.


We will calculate the costs and report back to you on the financial viability of your chosen option, including any debt repayment and servicing. Depending on how you wish to fund your new home, we will introduce you to our experienced lending providers to obtain funding for your project if necessary.

Ownership structure

We will talk with you to find the most appropriate ownership structure to develop the property for individuals or multiple parties. This can include setting up the right legal documents to suit these arrangements. Of course, for your peace of mind it is important to obtain independent financial and legal advice.

Couple making financial decisions together

We’ll be with you through to completion

When your new home project enters the construction phase, your DEC Client Advisor and Project Manager will make sure your new home is of the highest quality and keep you up to date on progress.

Your right to reside

If you have SDA funding in your NDIS plan, DEC commits to providing you a ‘right to reside’ at the end of the 20-year SDA period. Simply put, you can continue living in your home for as long as you like. No other SDA Provider offers this security.

How we work with your SIL provider

Your SIL provider can contribute to the process

In ensuring your home fully meets your needs, we like collaborating with other people you trust, such as your SIL provider.

We understand the crucial role that Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers play in supporting people with disability to lead ordinary lives. So, if you have a SIL service provider and are comfortable for us to do so, we will also consult with them on design concepts.

We’re committed to ensuring a great relationship with your SIL provider based on the following principles:

  • Effective communication

  • Respect for the work they do

  • Mutual trust

  • Transparency and integrity

  • Clarity of accountability and our respective roles

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