About us

Love cooking, loud music, home theatre or gaming? Enjoy bush walks, or swimming, gardening, perhaps community singing?

DEC Housing is a not-for-profit organisation for good reason. Our mission isn’t anchored in accumulating enormous wealth for shareholders. Instead, we’re driven by individual client needs - dedicated to providing high quality homes for people with disability, and others facing insecure housing. We want you to imagine the home you want to live in and the lifestyle you want to lead, so we can help bring it alive.

Our person-centred and collaborative approach means you’ll have real choice in the type and location of your home.

Our mission

To provide   Dignity, Empowerment and Choice    specifically to individuals with disability as well as others with insecure accommodation, through excellence in the provision of accommodation that enhances their lives, their abilities and their independence. 

Our vision

To provide accessible housing options to NDIS participants and other vulnerable Australians by engaging each client from the outset in the development of housing that responds to their particular needs; and fostering self-worth and future financial self-sufficiency through the provision of housing security and choice.

Focused principally on the disability sector, our approach of involving clients from the outset will enable vulnerable Australians to access a wider range of housing options.

Our values


We act with integrity and openness in all that we do. We believe that Trust with our clients, our stakeholders, our partners and our staff is paramount.

Solution driven

We seek innovative solutions that solve more than one problem. We recognise that solving complex problems involves many parties. We build relationships to create positive and multipurpose solutions.


We actively engage with others to ensure effective solutions to problems and needs.


We care deeply about our clients, our environment and society. Our actions, reporting and monitoring actively demonstrate this care.

Our difference

Seven unique aspects of DEC Housing define our promise.

A person-centred approach

We will listen to you and collaborate to address your specific needs, including:

  • Preferred location, such as proximity to family, friends, supports, therapists, transport and employment opportunities
  • Social mix
  • Furnishings, equipment and plantings choices
  • Style of accommodation preferences

Ethical business practice

We’re committed to ethical practice across our business. Our values and organisational culture place our clients and their needs as the organisation’s primary driver. Our governance systems ensure these values are maintained throughout DEC’s operations. In our work, DEC is committed to meeting or exceeding the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) standards and obligations set out in the NDIS SDA Rules.

Lifetime housing security

SDA funding is currently capped at 20 years, leaving people fearful for their long-term housing security. We will guarantee your ‘right to reside’ at the end of the 20-year SDA period. Simply put, you can continue living in your home for as long as you like. No other SDA Provider offers this security.

Commitment to sustainable development and ESG Principles

Alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and ESG Principles helps us maintain our client focus; ensures our business is sustainable and resilient; and provides significant immediate and long-term benefits to the community, while limiting societal and environmental costs. Consistent with these principles, our home options are built to a 7.5 star energy efficiency rating, capable of dealing with a changing climate, and reducing carbon footprints and living costs for our clients.

Inclusive technology

To support independence, we install the latest technology such as remote control doors, windows, window coverings and heating and cooling systems, improving the liveability of each home.

The dual roles of community housing and SDA provider

Our mission spans social and affordable housing in addition to assisting people with disability who have SDA funding. Through partnerships with like-minded organisations, we are determined to grow our capacity to provide crucial SDA and social and affordable accommodation.

Empowering individuals with disability through employment

Beyond directly employing people with disability, we also provide opportunities though others, like engaging Disability Employment Services to provide plants and landscaping services across our properties.

Our board

Governance and strategic guidance is provided by our Board whose collective expertise spans disability services, investment, social justice and community services, and executive management.

  • Bernadette O'Connor

    Bernadette O'Connor

    Executive Chair

  • James Manders

    James Manders


  • Craig Mullan

    Craig Mullan


Our management team

The management team comprises people with lived experience, experience within the NDIS, direct experience in supporting people with disability, as well as people with backgrounds in finance and property management.

  • Bernadette O'Connor

    Bernadette O'Connor

    Executive Chair

  • David Moody

    David Moody

    GM Operations and Vic State Manager

  • Andre Shannon

    Andre Shannon

    WA State Manager

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